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About us

Nørre Aaby Realskole is a private, independent general education school with just over 400 students from preschool through 10th grade.  We are located right next to the train station in the town of Nørre Aaby in the municipality of Middelfart. The school also has a nursery and a kindergarten.

We provide students with educational challenges in a secure environment, and we expect a certain level of behaviour and effort. Our values are based on mutual commitment, academic standards, security and traditions.

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Nørre Aaby Realskole
Nørre Aaby Realskole2 days ago
Goddag, fru Snegl 🐌

I denne tid arbejder Sommerfuglene i børnehaven med science i børnehøjde. 🔍

I går handlede det om snegle: Hvad spiser de? Sover de?Hvor finder vi dem? Hvad er sneglene rolle i naturen? Spørgsmålene var mange! 🤔 🙌

Det var Anette, som er naturvejleder ved Hindsgavl, som lærte børnene en masse om sneglene. Hun havde også fire Congo-snegle med, som Sommerfuglebørnene fik lov at hilse på. 👍